Epidemic Lab : Documentation
me Overview What it all means.
me Q & A Readers Want to Know.
me Strategies Simulation Results for the COVID-19 epidemic: Social Distancing; Lock Down; Vaccine; Treatment
me Tuning Tuning the Model to simulate historical epidemics: The Black Death; The Great Plague; The Asian Flu; COVID-19
me Operation How to operate the Epidemic Lab using the Control Panel
me Model Structure The six-stage model structure extends the popular SIR (three-stage) and the SEIR (four-stage) models
me System Dynamics Philosophy of: Models, Causality, Levels, Rates, Intentions, Results, Integrals and Differentials
me Extentions How the Govopoly System Assimilates the Free-Competition Sector
me News Latest Developments
me Correspondence Correspondence with World Experts
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