Something Just Ain't Right ...

... You hear it from the man on the street. You also hear it from the man running a billion dollar hedge fund. Something just ain't right. You can feel it.

Govopoly in the 39th Day explores the history and current dynamics of something much larger than the normal business cycle: the growth of the Govopoly System. Govopoly means "Monopoly by Government Sanction."

The decline in manufacturing, the growth in debt, the growth of political divisiveness, the increase in regulations, the appearance of bubble markets, the consolidation of corporate and political power, the volatility of the dollar, the framing of events as crises and relentless inflation all follow from the growth of the Govopoly System.

The Govopoly System formally appears 1913 and begins to assimilate the Free-Competition Sector. This trend must continue. Trying to treat symptoms or find someone to blame misses the point. So does worrying about it or trying to change it.

The good news: Through understanding, acceptance and adaptation you can protect yourself and even prosper from events on the horizon.

This site presents the interactive Price-Discovery Lab from the chapter on Bubbles. Visit the Store if you'd like to view the introduction and also the chaptes on Assimilation and Bubbles.

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