Something Just Ain't Right

... That's what you hear these days from the man on the street. You also hear it from the man running a hundred-billion dollar hedge fund. Something just ain't right. It scares people. You can feel it. The stock market does not feel normal. People seem more angry than normal. It feels like we are falling - falling into something deeper, far deeper.

In Govopoly, I confirm that your feeling are right on.

I show you how the symptoms point to something big and deep and unstoppable – something much larger than the normal business cycle: namely, the growth of the Govopoly System.

Govopoly is my word for "monopoly by government sanction." My book explains how the decline in manufacturing, the growth in debt, the growth of government, the growth of political divisiveness, the increase in regulations, the appearance of bubble markets, the consolidation of corporate power, the volatility of the dollar and relentless inflation all follow from the growth of the Govopoly System.

I also show how the situation must get worse and that trying to treat symptoms or find someone to blame misses the point. I also demonstrate the futility of worrying about it or trying to change it.

I also bring good news. Through understanding the system you can protect yourself and even profit profit from events on the horizon.

This site summarizes the book. It also presents some interactive simulation models you can use to test assumptions and see for yourself it my theories make sense to you.

A quotes from the book: When duckweed takes over the pond, it smothers everything else – kind of like the Govopoly System.

Use the buttons above to access the models, take a peek inside the book, buy it and access relating resources.

Note: This site replaces the original Govopoly site that appeared in 2013 as a series of Java applets. Shortly thereafter, public servers stopped hosting applets. This site runs on Java Script and PHP.
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